I am officially moved into the new apartment that I am staying in while living in Tyumen. Just as I predicted, Nastya is just the sweetest person and so hospitable. We’ve even had some great conversations and have a lot of similarities. and I am trying to live up to being a great guest, but she is outshining me with how brilliant of a host she has been. The night I arrived she oven baked fish with potatoes and carrots with a tossed salad and morsh (a Russian drink with berries and sugar). After I insisted in helping clean but she refused for me to get up from my chair. She said, “You are my guest. You relax!”

The one negative part of being in the new apartment I am living in right now is that it’s far from downtown Tyumen. It takes me 45 minutes to an hour by bus.
It’s very interesting to ride on the bus here in Tyumen. There is no such thing as personal space…or proper hygiene on the bus. Each ride costs 18 rubles (about 50 cents or so in America). This is me showing my frugal ways, but I try to walk as far as I can to I can save my change when I really need to ride the bus.

Today I have the whole afternoon to myself and felt adventurous this morning. So at noon I took bus number 1 eleven stops to republic street and then took bus 14 to the newest mall in Tyumen called Voyage. It has three levels with a lot of different shops, including H&M! There is a coffee shop inside and the smell of brewing coffee instantly drew me inside. I prepared my Russian speech to the barista in my head before I walked up to the register.
His tag said his name was ‘Dima’. Young guy, maybe 19 or 20. His hair was parted on the side, can’t tell if it’s bleached blonde or natural. Very clean and wore a bow tie.

I told him to forgive me but I did not speak Russian very well. I asked for a coffee without milk and mineral water. He responded by asking me a question in Russian. I smiled and said “да” (that means yes…and yea I didn’t have a clue what he asked). He gave me my change and told me in English to sit and he would bring me my order…

…Oh now you speaks English.

I found a comfortable spot in the corner of the cafe where I could people watch and relax without being too obvious. While watching the other customers, my order arrived. My mineral water and TWO ginormous cups of coffee.

For those who have done the same and can relate, this was a foreign language communication hiccup at its finest! Well, at least the cups of coffee didn’t have milk inside… 🙂





-Afternoon bus ride


-My host, Nastya



One thought on “кофе”

  1. You are an astonishing photographer! I love the photo’s you take to show your adventures! Stay safe and healthy and in God’s protection!

    OXOXOXO Bonna and Papa

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