Тюмень to Rome

As predicted my flight from Tyumen to Moscow departed on time. My friends Jeff and Amy, with their son Gideon, drove me to the airport.
An hour and a half before my flight I had a wave of unbearable nausea and stomach pains. I’ve never wanted to throw up and faint all at the same time before in my life up until that moment. I did not do either. But the feel was terrible.

Of course I made my flight and landed into Moscow safely. It was a 2.5 hour flight. A baby cried the whole plane ride, but luckily I had music and a handy set of headphones.

My transfer in Moscow was the exact opposite of the experience I had going to Tyumen. Perfect. It was like floating on a cloud. No delays, no heavy traffic of people and easy maneuver to my international gate. I even had enough time to sit and order an Americana while waiting to board my Alitalia plane (later I realized I had communicated with the waitress all in Russian which really did surprised me and how much I actually learned during my month of Tyumen).

A few things surprised me just sitting in the plane to Rome:

1# When you smile people smiled back. What!? A month of straight cold faces to smiles and warm greetings. First culture shock of my European experience.

2# The Italian language is BEAUTIFUL. It’s like they are feeling the words and the sounds as they speak them. I probably look like a ding dong just staring a foot away at their conversation. I want to tell them I’m not listening I swear, I just want to watch their conversation…Is that even worse?

3# Italian people are BEAUTIFUL.

“What is the purpose of your trip Miss Prieskorn?” Oh what a joy to say “I’m on vacation.” Don’t get me wrong, Russia was great. I will say it was more of a survival situation verses an actual relaxing vacation.
And with a stamp of my passport I was welcomed into Rome, Italy!

Waiting for my luggage was a little nerve racking. Due to my incredibly short layover in Moscow I knew my backpack wasn’t going to make the trip. I waited anyways, but my assumption was correct. No bag.
I found help my a nice guy who worked for Alitalia and he helped me with having my luggage sent to the hotel during my staying in Rome. Let me tell you this for those who travel grumpy. Don’t do it.
There is something to be said about giving a smile and a compliment (even when there is absolutely no more ounce of energy left in your body). Being nice and understanding of his assistance to help me, I got my luggage sent for free to my hotel and he even gave me a complimentary overnight toiletry bag.

Getting to the hotel I am staying just for one night (Euro House Hotel) was a little challenging. One man offered me a ride to my hotel for 40 euros and it wasn’t even in a taxi. I quickly and sternly declined…

I finally found a taxi and arrived at my Euro House Hotel. I’m only staying for one night because I’m meeting my friend Anna the next morning at the Airport. It was nice to catch my bearings and sleep in a big bed to myself.

I woke up at 7:45am, ate a complementary breakfast, packed my one little bag up and took a shuttle back to the airport.

I hope to document each place I go. And even if I don’t have time to write a detailed post my plan is to take pictures of the places and post them here. If not for my readers then for myself and remembering my trip and where I’ve been.

About to meet Anna. Until next time, Arrivederci!





One thought on “Тюмень to Rome”

  1. So excited for you to begin your travels in Rome! Can’t wait to read your next post! Love you! Kids are off to TLC. See you soon!

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