Heading to Madrid

Wow! The past day of traveling has probably been some of the most hectic hours I’ve experience in a very long time. 

Yesterday morning I woke up early and said goodbye to my family and finished packing my things for my big move to England. Before England though I had decided awhile ago to travel Spain with my good friend Danusia. Long story short… I had a series of unfortunate events with my visa and did not get it in time to make my originals flight. So thanks to a great friend who lent me a buddypass, I have a rough plan to fly August 31st from Detroit to JFK. Then New York to Spain. Landing me in Madrid in the morning of September 1st. 

My flight from Detroit to NYC wasn’t bad at all! Very smooth, short plane ride. The tricky flight was going to be JFK to Madrid. I  was dying standby so I wasn’t guaranteed a flight until everyone was boarded. I waited for 7 hours in New York, praying I’d get on that flight! And low and behold by Gods grace I made it on that flight by the skin of my teeth!

My seat was assigned and I sat next to a girl named Lior. She was working in Washington DC for a year and on her way back to Israel where she’s originally from. We both flew standby so we had a common connection right off the bat. Chatting with her half he flight made the ride pretty short! Tried to sleep the rest of no such luck.

Landed in Madrid at 9:00 and of course went through passport control, but it was surprisingly very painless! I did have a minor heart attack when I went to the baggage claim and one of the two suitcases of mine were not in the rail. I immediately went to lost and found and told them my name and situation. The man next to the woman who was helping me said “Oh, your last name is Prieskorn!? Is this you suitcase? He rolled it out so I could see. And yep! There it was! Apparently a woman picked it up thinking it was hers, but looked at my tag and gave it to lost and found. She unfortunately hadn’t found hers. Still not sure what had happened to her luggage…

So from 10:00 on I have been waiting for my bus to leave from Madrid terminal 4 to Bilbao. My original bus was supposed to leave at 14:15. But I think I have made a mistake with scheduling and I missed it (language barrier funnn) so I currently am sitting at a cafe waiting for my bus to arrive at 16:15. Once it does it will be a 5 hour bus ride to Bilbao. My friend Danusia is flying at the very moment to Bilbao from Barcelona. So we will meet up tonight in beautiful Bilbao! 

I cannot wait to get there and settle in! 💕


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