First Full Day In Barcelona

This morning Danusia and I both slept in which felt so nice to not get up at the crack of dawn. We got ready and then went to a cafe for coffee and juice at Black Remedy.

After the cafe we strolled around and took candid photos of the city, and then ended up at the Arc Du Triumph. It is so majestic and with a long walkway of palm trees with a warm sun shining…it was beautiful. There was a park next door which had a monument inside called Cascada Monumental. Nice and quiet park with a lake in the middle called Als Vountaris Catalans where you can rent a paddle boat. Very cute and serene!

After walking around the park we went to a very well known coffee shop called Cafes El Magnifico. And yes, it was MAGNIFICO! I got an Americano with a splash of milk and it was amazing.

We leisurely made our way back to our hotel where we changed for an afternoon at the beach!

When we got back to our hotel, we changed and made plans to walk around El Gotic district to find a spot for dinner. We ended up at a restaurant called El Guan. I would HIGHLY recommend the chargrilled octopus. I mean…wow it was amazing! And not terribly expensive either.

After dinner we walked to Plaça Reial Dotze (Plaza Real) and got dessert at Art i Sa Barcelona.

We got back to our hotel about an hour ago and it is almost midnight. We are both completely exhausted! But we are excited to explore Gaudi’s beautiful works tomorrow.

Until then…


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