Beginning of an Adventure

I am officially at the airport waiting for my flight to JFK to arrive at the gate.

Had a 2 hour glorious “nap” and woke up at 4:30 this morning. Woke up early and triple checked my backpack and duffle bag, got ready and then had a relaxing breakfast with my Dad. He and I did a quiet time together and I held onto every second.

My goal this trip is to savor everything I experience this summer abroad. Wise reminder from my Dad:
“When you wake up hungry and run out of money, savor that moment. When you are lost in the busy streets of London, savor it. When you meet people, taste foods your taste buds have never experienced, and see sights that no camera could ever capture to its fullest… Savor it.”

Leave in 30 minutes. Taking my Dad’s advice and cherishing quiet before the hustle within the next 48 hours.




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