With Light Steam

In the summertime in Tyumen, Russia the city turns off sections of the town’s hot water for repair so they don’t have to do any maintenance in the winter. The day I arrived in Russia was the day the city turned off my host’s hot water.

To bathe I have to heat on the stove a pot of boiling water, go into the bathroom and place the hot water in a plastic tub and use a ladle for washing. It is not the easiest of tasks, but I’m thankful for some means of cleaning myself.

Well Bella has a friend named Deena across town who heard I haven’t taken an appropriate hot shower since I’ve been in Russia. She immediately had Bella and I over for dinner and insisted I come and take a hot shower.
We forget in the states how spoiled we are… To be able to take a shower was unbelievable.

In Russia they have a saying after you bathe. In Russian it’s: с легким паром/ See leoh-keem parom. The literal translation: With light steam.
Russians say this phrase after they have a relaxing hot bath or shower out of thankfulness and a content spirit.

So next time you take a hot shower, remember the blessings ‘with light steam’, с легким паром!


2 thoughts on “With Light Steam”

  1. Dear Melissa:

    We are so glad to hear of your “with light steam”! What a blessing friendships bring to us!

    Much love, Papa and Bonna

    1. Dear sweet Melissa,
      We are in south haven thinking and praying for you! Grandma Trudy and I prayed this morning! Love you!

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