Two Weeks

I am writing this post completely in awe of how fast time flies. This might sound completely typical but it felt like it was just yesterday that I was getting on a plane to start my adventure in Russia.

I have been in Russia for two weeks. I am now half way through my time here in Siberia.

Camp finished a few days ago. It was 10 days of intense camping in the woods. I did stay one night, however the food got me really sick and I had to leave the day the kids came. I still was a part of camp during the days I found a ride out to the woods. It really was such a fun experience. How many people can say that they’ve camped with Russians in the deep wooded forrest of Siberia?

Even though it’s only been two weeks in this Country, I have been learning a lot of Russian. I also started taking Russian lessons from my friend Irina. She works at a cultural center and was kind enough to teach me a few times a week. Also whenever I hear a word used more than once, I write it down, and create a melody to the word in my head. So far my favorite Russian word is Ananas /ананас , which means ‘pineapple’.

I really love learning a new language, something about the challenge of communicating with another culture is so much fun to me.

Yesterday I went for a run, which is not very common to see in Tyumen. A woman jogging. Or really anybody jogging…
Weaving in and out of people, I put my playlist which consists of Arcade Fire, The Black Keys & that one recent popular song from Shakira on repeat. In the afternoon was my first Russian lesson. I take bus number 30. The ride costs 18 rubles. Lessons go really well. Irina was surprised with my pronunciation. I decided to walk back to the apartment I am staying in. It takes me an hour to walk home. I finally get back and my legs are tired. Bella gets home and says, “Let us go for walk!” By the end of the day I am exhausted.

I leave in two weeks for Italy. There is so much to do here still and also so many friends I have not seen yet. But at the same time my heart flutters every time I think about traveling to Italy.

Studying Russian

Evening walk in the Park

What laundry day looks like…

You drink out of whatever is available when it comes to morning coffee in Siberia


Beautiful Theater in Tyumen


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks”

  1. It is late afternoon in Tyumen. We were thinking about you and your day, your studies and your joys. The party for Doug and Julie was beautiful, your Mom and Dad worked very hard. We met Julie and Doug’s family …. a good time was had by all! We miss you, went to Eastern Market Saturday to buy dish gardens for the newly weds. Missed you!

    Love, Papa and Bonna

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