Italy Bound

Woke up this morning after a five hour sleep. I was surprised I was able to get that much rest since I figured I would not be getting any sleep at all. Packing is slow. My friend Sergey just stopped by to say his last farewells.

It is sad to think this might be my last trip to Russia. Living in Tyumen for 4 weeks has gone by so fast, but I am come to find the city, culture and language familiar and normal. I will miss that…

Today I embark on a new adventure. I leave at 3:20pm from Tyumen to Moscow, arrive for only an hour or so and then take another plane into Rome.

My mind still has not fully understood what I am about to do and where I am going to go. It is so bittersweet, but Lord knows I am ready for anything.
Someday I will return to Russia, but for now it’s farewell and paka paka!! (bye bye in Russian.)


One thought on “Italy Bound”

  1. Our Dear Melissa:

    Papa and I wish you God Speed on your trip to and through Italy. We look forward to your next word picture of your arrival in Italy!
    We love you tons, Papa and Bonna

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