My Love For Provence

Out of all the cities I’ve visited in Russia and Europe ever, Nove and Provence will be the hardest place to leave. My heart has fallen in love with this land and the people. The hugs and kisses, acceptance and love you get from the people here in Provence is beyond anything I’ve experienced.

My parents left yesterday evening and officially left France today. When they drove off they had a small crowd of 8 people to wish them off.
My parents have an amazing gift of making friends with people. But honestly it’s very easy to make friends here in Provence. I met a woman at a market in Saint Remy who was selling her jewelry. Ten minutes later, I received a necklace and a home to stay in anytime I wanted to visit her in Lyon.

My friend and I are leaving for London tomorrow morning. We take a train from Avignon to Paris, then Paris to London on the Eurostar. We are excited to see England but not too excited about trekking our backpacks on and off trains.

This evening I got to spend time at the pool and also walking around Nove (the town I’ve been staying in for the past week) along with everyone being so nice and welcoming the town itself has such color and an artistic feel. I could just take a seat at any corner in Nove and paint a beautiful picture.

I am so sad to be leaving and I really could write for days about my love for Provence.
My life has no boundaries right now so maybe I will find my way back here…who knows…











One thought on “My Love For Provence”

  1. Wow Melissa! This sounds and looks like a delightful trip! You are so adventurous and confident! What a wonderful way to learn, live, and see God’s beautiful world and the diverse and fascinating people and places in it! Can’t wait to see you when you return home! Stay well! Be blessed!

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