Camden Lock

I think I’ve developed the Italian and French lifestyle because I was as slow as molasses this morning. I loved having my morning to relax and take my time, but not in London. This city is a faster pace than what I’m used to, but it prepares me for when I go home.

Ash and I went to a coffee shop right next door called Bermondsey Street cafe for coffee and a small breakfast. Bermondsey is the area we are living in while in London. It’s just south of the tower bridge and as our host Claire puts it, “Bermondsey is a super posh posh area.”



We then got Oyster cards at the nearby train station (a cheap way to get around London in the tube and buses) and went to the west side of London to Hillsong church. The music, people and the speaker were amazing! We met two girls named Alex and Vian. One is from Brazil and the other from Hong Kong. It was so fun to chat and make new friends in London!

Even though it was a long walk, Ash and I went to explore Camden Market after Hillsong’s service was over . It was an incredible area of London with lots of stores, food & craft stalls, and people! Lots and lots of people! It was so great to be in Camden we are actually hoping to go back tomorrow.





After a few hours there we took the tube to Waterloo station to explore a cafe called the scooter cafe. It’s an eclectic and 40’s inspired cafe that has old sewing machines as tables and old wooden chairs and stools, pictures and nick-knacks. Highly recommended and it’s also pretty tucked away which makes it even more of a gem.

After that pit stop we went to check out a tunnel that is known in London for being covered floor to ceiling in graffiti. An explosion of color and art everywhere. If ever visiting London really check out this area. I could have spent hours looking at all the detail. A beautiful form of art!




After we got a quick drink and headed back to Claire’s apartment (around 10pm) where we planned our day tomorrow and got ready for bed.

A long but incredible day today!

So far I’ve really enjoyed London. Stay tune to join me in exploring London!!


2 thoughts on “Camden Lock”

    1. Hi sweetie, sounds like you are fitting right in there! We are missing are baguettes and cafe, and you! Love the details!

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