A Nomadic Life

My friend Ashleigh left this morning out of London Heathrow Airport for Detroit. It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to great travel partners. I’ve been very fortunate while traveling to be able to experience backpacking with easy going and smart People.

I am sitting in a coffee shop with no place to stay tonight and a tighter budget then I would have hoped for. But there is something completely freeing and vitalizing about living nomadic. It’s also sobering to look back on the last two months and see where I have been in this world.

God has been giving me a safe experience through Russia (even when my luggage was temporarily missing). A lovely adventure through Italy and a reunion with my parents in France. I can’t even describe on any form of social media or verbally in person how thankful I am.

Tomorrow I head to my good friend Ellie’s home for a couple of days. Man there is nothing like a cozy house to sleep in while you’re traveling and living out of what you carry on your back. And homemade food and a washer and dryer. I haven’t used a dryer in two months…
Wow, such small things you take for granted…

I leave for the States in less than two weeks. The time has gone by so fast! Today has been the perfect day to reflect and process everything..
Plus this past Sunday I met a lovely woman named Alex (talked about her in a previous blog), and she invited me to a dinner party. Tonight I am going to meet her and other local Londoners.

Write tomorrow. Ciao and cheers!





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