Sunday evening my friends Ben and Ellie took me to the beautiful Oxford in Oxford shire.
The first thing we did was drive into a subdivision right outside downtown Oxford. Other than the beauty of the old homes and detailed gardens, no one would suspect this subdivision having any form of significance. However, for me this one of the most profound moments in my life. The subdivision I was heading down was actually the property of one of the greatest writers of all time… C.S. Lewis.



I also was able to venture through his backyard where he was inspired to write some of his most cherished pieces to date.



After, I got to go into the church CS Lewis attended. By the seat he sat in every week was a plaque to acknowledge him. When CS Lewis died there was a Narnia themed, carved glass window in his honor. I got to sit in his seat, but for not very long because I completely lost it and couldn’t even see due to the tears that glazed over my eyes and rolled down my face. I then made my way over to his grave (both the cemetery and church share one property). When I spotted his name on the engraved marble I started to tear up again… And this time it was for two reasons:

1. The mourning of a great man, professor & writer. I never had felt so close to someone who I have never met in that moment. I was crying for a person who I deeply admired. That was the first time I had ever cried like that before.

2. It was because of one particular phrase on his tombstone, which I’ll never forget: Men must endure their going hence. This is what it means, death is inevitable. We cannot do anything to avoid that one day where we too will be put into the ground. Just like C.S. Lewis.
If you are reading this and thinking, “well then Melissa, what is the point of even living?? Now I understand why Robin Williams took his life. There is no hope!”

Wait… That’s just the point! The beautiful reality is, is that there IS hope!!
Jesus gives that hope to me and to you. It’s like all of a sudden seeing color when you’ve only been able to see black and white your hole life. Yes we have to endure our going hence, but what an experience to go hence into eternity with Jesus! A man who died just so we can experience hope in Him and in heaven.

If there is one blog I could choose to share with the world it would be this one.

Know there is more to this life.


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