30 Years 

To Angela and David-

I wonder if you both knew when you got married 30 years ago today if you were going to sleep for a week in a Honda Accord and eat a steady diet of Ramon noodles to save money for Dave’s medical school.
Did you know you were going to have 12 children, but only raise 6 from when they were born? 

Did you know you both would travel to 5 different continents and see sunsets and sunrises from different sides of the world? 

Would you know you’d both be elated to play outside in the yard of your first home with your crazy, pre-pubescent children running around in their swim trunks and superhero capes? Watching faces of pure joy and no fear.

Did you expect to stay up all hours of the night helping your kids with homework, comforting them over heartbreak, or on your knees in prayer for their future and their lives?

Did you know how many lives you both would impact just by being true to who you both are: Sincere and strong.

Accepting and loving. Honest and hard-working? 

Do you know how much your children and your friends love you for everything you do as individuals and as a couple? 

Well… We do, we love you so much!

Happy 30th Anniversary!
Thank you for showing me what true love looks like. It’s what I pray for and look forward to in a marriage one day.
Your daughter,  




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