Rivers Know This

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.-A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh 


When I was around six years old my mom scheduled me my first “big girl” haircut appointment when we were living in San Francisco, California. My hair generally has always resembled a wild mane that decides what it wants to do at any give day. Now I have come to learn how to tame it, however back when I was six I met it with frustration and defeat whenever it was combed or washed. 

The days coming up to my appointment seemed like they had stretched into months. Waiting and waiting and nothing happening-it just felt torturous! Anxiousness just flooded my little body, and the day before I was suppose to get my haircut I took a pair of kitchen scissors and hacked away at my long brown hair. 

At the time it seemed like a brilliant idea! I was not going to wait any longer. I had a plan. And besides, they probably wouldn’t have done a great job anyways. I know my own hair best…

Well, the second I saw my Mom’s horror stricken and teary eyed face when I went to show her my new and improved haircut, I knew I had made a big mistake.

One of the oldest and wisest practices so many focus their lives on is the practice of patients. We live in a world right now that has the mindset of living a digital life. Just like an iPhone or digital camera- you snap a picture, look at the image, decide if it’s social media worthy, edit the shit out of it, and then voilà! It’s ready. That can literally take less than a minute. We’ve become so adapted to this way of living (the immediate) that when our patients is tested, we get snappy and upset. Stressed and, like my little hair catastrophe, we can say or do things out of anger. 

My most recent test of patients has been the days of waiting until I backpack oversees. April 22nd might not seem too far away. But there are some days when it’s like pulling teeth. 
It’s the idea of practicing the lifestyle of living like you’re processing film. In this case, taking the photos is just a smaller piece to the bigger picture. You have to unload the camera once the roll is done, mix the chemicals, lightproof a room, even off the end of the film, load the reel to a self feeding oscillating mechanism, mix, wash, hypo, wash again, photo flo, and then dry and harden film… 

Yea, that was the short choppy version…

Once it’s all over and you see what you’ve created. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences and feelings. It is beautiful to not only you but to everyone who truly sees that you developed that project in its raw and beautiful form. Instead of using a vintage filter on Instagram or photoshop and calling it a day. 

So whether you are counting down the days to travel, your wedding day, a due date, or until your next haircut appointment; choose to practice patience! To take time and develop the film. And most importantly, making the seconds you are in right now be like the moments you are waiting for. 

Make them joyous! 
A good friend of mine told me right after I experienced my first breakup: “There are no shortcuts through time, but that’s the greatest medicine. It heals. It repairs. It gets there one day.”

So be patient. Remeber, rivers know this: there is no hurry.

We WILL get there some day. 

Photo Credit: http://4hdwallpapers.com/beautiful-river.html


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