Yesterday at 1am Jamie and I arrived in Bali. We stayed in a small hotel near the airport just to catch some shut eye before we checked into our actual hotel (our flight time changed right before we left for our trip and this place was the only cheep option for a last minute find).

We woke up at around 9:00am, ate breakfast and took a taxi to the place we were going to stay for 4 days in Seminyak called TS Suites. Honestly, really didn’t have any idea what we were getting ourselves into when we booked this place…

The entryway was covered in cobblestone, and inside there’s glass walls and beautiful paintings, and a little waterfall with a cobblestone path leading up to it. Just beyond beautiful! Our room alone was bigger than my apartment back home. We felt incredibly undeserving but at the same time ecstatic to feel pampered here for the next few days.

We got settled into our suite and then went to the pool. I can’t even remember the last time I swam in a pool. And the sun! Oh my goodness the sun… I greeted the sunshine with open arms and pale skin. 

While at the pool we met a really nice couple named David and Adrianna from San Francisco. They were on their honeymoon and have been in Bali for two weeks. They recommended some really fantastic places to eat around Seminyak square. 

At around 6:30pm we got ready and went to dinner. Nothing terribly special, we ate at our hotel, but after that we then took a taxi to Seminyak square to a place called La Favela. Jamie met a fellow traveler named Rhys when she was backpacking through Greece seven years ago. He was in Bali and was leaving the next morning, so we went out that evening to grab drinks and chat.

It was a lot of fun! And La Favela was a gorgeous space! It was both a bar, club and restaurant. We didn’t end up getting back to our place until 1:00am (latest we’ve stayed out this whole time we have been traveling… Minus our flights 😉). 

This morning we woke up at around 7:30am. I didn’t set an alarm last night in hopes of sleeping in…but my body is taking its sweet time acclimating to the time change. 

We worked out for a bit and then ate breakfast. I know I’ve mentioned this before but where we are staying is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever vacationed. The ambiance of even the breakfast area is immaculate. 

We took our time eating breakfast, sipping our tea and coffee. That’s one of my favorite things! Not having anywhere to be, and taking my time with my morning meal. 

At 11:00am Jamie and I both got a Balinese massage. For one hour we got full body massage for $20. Insane. Both our necks and spines have been so sore and uncomfortable because of lugging our heavy backpacks on our backs. Long story short: That massage was much needed!

For lunch we took a taxi to a small place called Cafe Organic Garden Gangster. This spot was one of the places recommended to us to try from the couple we had met at the pool yesterday. It was by far the BEST place we’ve eaten at since being in Bali. We both got smoothie bowls. We also split a veggie burger, and in addition I got a green smoothie. I think before we leave Seminyak we are going to go back there for breakfast.😋

After lunch we spent the rest of our day walking around Seminyak and of course…went shopping!!!

It’s 8:30 and we just got back to our suite. I am so tired I’m not even sure I have enough energy to eat dinner. Walking in this eat sucks the moister out of your body so fast! At the end of each day here in Bali I’ve felt exhausted. 

But today has been a much deserved pampering day for both Jamie and myself. We’ve felt like queens all day.  ☺️

 Excited to sleep and not set an alarm. Goodnight! 🌙


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