It All Began In Boston

The song January Rain by David Gray soothed me out of my not so sound sleep. December 22nd at 3:30am I woke up for a 7am flight from Detroit to Boston. This would be our first family trip oversees in almost 10 years! My Dad found a Groupon (go figure) for a round trip flight, stay and tour for a too good to be true price. I believe it was because it was during the holiday season, but who am I to complain about to a trip oversees!?
We all hopped in a 15 passenger van that we borrowed from a friend and at 4:45a we were on our way to Detroit Metropolitan Airport. 

The flight to Boston was very short, but it felt like we were on that plane for a whole day. The exhaustion we all felt was from only 2-3 hours of sleep the night prior. I’m surprised we all made it to our hotel in Boston in one piece!

At 10a we had arrived at our hotel: The Hilton Boston Logan Airport hotel. We were all starving by that time, so we took the subway to the harbor where there we ate at a well known restaurant called Legal Sea Foods. 

The whole family inhaled their food, and all fell into a food coma. Like walking zombies, we headed back to our hotel and gave ourselves 3 hours to rest and sleep before we went out again into the city.

Well…3 hours turned into 5 and by that time all of us were starting to get hungry. We wondered into one of the oldest parts of Boston, little Italy. We found an amazing restaurant called Ristorante Saraceno. Our two waiters Ivan… well honestly I forgot the other gentlemans name but they were both wonderful! They stayed to chat and talk wine, culture and their city of Boston with us the whole evening. We laughed and ate until we couldn’t fit one more crumb into our bellies. 

We all slept like babies that night! If it weren’t for my phone which rang at 8a, I could have slept until noon. Once awake everyone got ready and we went out to breakfast at North Street Grille. 

After breakfast the family took a trolley tour around Boston. It was wonderful! I felt very well informed and I forgot how much history is in that gorgeous city!

On the trolley you can get off at different tourist stops to look around, and a trolley would come by every 20 minutes throughout the day.
We stopped at the Granary Burying Ground, the third oldest cemetery in Boston. Granary Burying Ground was where John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and even he five victims of the Boston massacre were buried. 

By the time we were finished with the tour it was 5:00pm, time to get ready to head off to the airport!

With 8 people and 16 pieces of luggage, we all made it through security without any stops or searches. A Christmas miracle! 

The whole family is now waiting by gate E3 for flight 630 to Keflavik International Airport. The flight to Iceland is about 6 hours. We arrive at 6am so I am sure we will all be exhausted since none of us usually sleep on plane rides. 
Update soon when we arrive! 


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