Eastern Market

Was venturing through the Detroit Eastern Market this weekend and couldn’t help with thinking about the many markets around the world.

I can only imaging the bargaining and trading a pineapple while shopping on a canoe in a floating canal in Thailand. Venturing through the oldest market in Turkey and getting lost in the 4,000 shops and restaurants.
And listening to performers singing Grecian songs while wandering the urban streets of Athens.

One of my favorite things in the whole world are markets. Getting to be a part of a diverse community of shoppers and street ventures is an experience of beauty. My local market in the historic commercial district of Detroit, Michigan is selling point of a wide variety of produce, meat and spices.



I am sure I will be getting the chance to be a part of market places while I am oversees, but for now I am cherishing my local market. Supporting my city and enjoying everything it has to offer.


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