Be Still


I am sitting and enjoying the bed that I have the privilege to sleep on until my trip (June 25th).
The picture above is my view every morning. I can only imagine to what I’ll be waking up to when I am backpacking on trains, buses and planes. Opening my eyes to beauty that I’ll never find in the States. The hustle and bustle of people. Life flying in over-drive. Me going to sleep barely able to focus my eyes shut for the anticipation of doing life in a foreign land all over again the next morning.

But right now…it’s quiet.

I hear water trickling through rocks by a stream close to my window. There is a collective spring fragrance in the air from the bushes, flowers and trees all working together like an orchestra producing a symphony. The clouds are trying to hold back the rays of sunshine, but as hard as they try the sun it making it’s way out to show off its magnitude this morning.

And quiet.

These are the subtle gifts that I cherish before the busyness of the nomadic life in Russia and Europe.

Someday is coming, but as for today…

I am still.


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