The Colosseum

Rome Day Two!!

This morning’s breakfast Anna and I filled our plates with food. Our plan is to not go out for lunch but instead pack fruit and trail mix while venturing out today.


We walked at 8:30am to the Roman Forum, which was only a 20 minute walk from our hotel. Anna and I got there right when it opened and luckily had no lines to stand in. We were able to buy both the Roman forum and also tickets for the colosseum. We downloaded a free tour app called Rick Steve’s Roman Pocket Guide. It was great to be on our own little tour. We stopped the audio tour, took pictures and then resumed.



After the Roman Forum we went to see the colosseum. Since we bought our tickets at the Roman Forum we cut through the long lines and got right into see the beauty of the 2000+ old colosseum:





It was 1:30pm when we finished both sites so we sat, ate apples and some trail mix and then walked back to our hotel. We freshened up a bit then went to see a church called The Santa Maria Degli Angeli Basilica. The church was partially designed by Michelangelo and in AD 300 the Emperor Diocletian built the largest baths in this building in Rome. The pools could accommodate 3,000 bathers at a time. Of course no one takes baths there anymore, but the art and sculptures are breath-taking. I felt such peace and completeness in knowing my security is in Jesus. Such beauty…I’m still in awe…





After Anna and I walked down to our new favorite road, Via Urbana, and found a restaurant where I had my first ravioli with cheese, spinach and salmon. Unfortunately it did not settle well. I believe my stomach and pasta will not ever get along. But Anna and I found a raw dessert store called Grezzo. We bought raw vegan cookies. We also bought a bottle of merlo & ended our evening relaxing in our hotel, watching moving and snacking on your treats.

A lovely end to a long day.


One thought on “The Colosseum”

  1. Papa wants to know if you could hear the cheers of the crowds cheering on the gladiators ? That was his reaction when he saw it for the first time!

    Love, Bonna

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