I Bike Italy

We had a rough time this morning waking up and getting ourselves ready for the day. We did have enough energy for breakfast, but it took us awhile. You know when you can travel well with someone when you spend the whole morning not saying a word to one another and find it completely normal and not awkward. I love it.

Today was a full day. We went on a bike tour called I bike Italy. There were eight of us plus our guide, Her name was Dawn and she was fabulous!!

We started at a monastery which was about a 40 minute drive outside of Florence. We biked down to a farmers home where they grew, pressed and made wine and olive oil. It was amazing to see how a small family business made wine and oil.






And the cycle down into Florence was even more beautiful…




We even stopped for lunch!!


It was the best meal I’ve had thus far in Italy! First course was bruschetta with olive pesto and tomatoes straight from the Tuscan gardens. Second course was fresh pasta & pasta sauce and ravioli stuffed with creamy potatoes drilled with olive oil and parmesan cheese. To end our meal we drank espressos.



Once the tour was over it was 5:30pm. Anna and I went back to our hotel to rest and freshen up. Around 7pm we walked along the riverbank and stopped to drink wine while watching the sunset.


On our walk back to our room we stopped and got the most delicious sandwiches we’ve both ever had in our lives. The place is called All’Antico Vinaio. It’s a small hole in the wall, family business and you go right up to the counter and order what type of sandwich you want. I asked the man to create the best vegetarian sandwich… And he did!

Today was filled with exploring, adventure and great food!! Today was one of the best days I have ever had!!!


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