This morning Anna and I went to the Accademia gallery to see the awe inspiring David created my Michelangelo. The 17 ft. nude statue depicts a young man (David) about to slay his enemy- Goliath.

David was created by Michelangelo in 1501 and finished in 1504. He was originally outside a political building in the Piazza della Signoria . For its protection it was moved indoors due to a riot in 1873. In 1991 a fiberglass wall was placed around the statue due to a deranged man attacking David with a hammer he hid under his jacket.

Poor David has been through a lot…

Despite his past abuse he still stands proud and elegant, showing off his beautiful marble and flawless body. A site I didn’t want to give up.
When I walked around the corner I couldn’t help but smile, I was finally seeing a masterpiece I’ve read and heard so much about growing up. Thank God for creativity and Michelangelo!!




(David’s poor foot)



(One of Michelangelo’s apprentices sculpted this of Michelangelo before when he was 85. Right before he died.)

The rest of our afternoon was spent like this…


Later in the evening, before dinner and a grocery run, we went to a coffee shop for drinks. We met a couple named James and Lela. It was great to sit next to them and talk about our travels through Italy.

That was the highlight of my evening!



And then this happened…


I love my family!! ūüíě


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