Wake up. Make coffee. Drive to work. Avoid hectic drivers. Get to work. (barely on time). Work. Sit. Stand. Do job. Lunch. Sit some more. Snack. Finish coffee. Break? Work. Clock out. Drive home. Errands? There are always errands. Home. Dishes in the sink. Avoid dishes. Garbage is starting to smell. Take out trash. Rummage through fridge. No food. Go grocery shopping? Reply to Mom’s text message about lunch with great Aunt Doris. Obligated to reply. Reply. Think about going for a run. Get jogging gear on. Look outside at the cold fall evening. Change mind about jog. Call from friend to see what you’re doing. Reply. Tired. Too tired to leave house. Order Chinese. Eat. Break open fortune cookie. Confusing fortune. Never get your lucky number. Take shower. Cut left leg shaving. Out of bandages. Put on sweats. Watch an episode breaking bad. Drink tea. Popcorn? Too tired to finish show. Set three alarms on phone for morning wake up call. Roll around in bed for 30 minutes. Finally fall asleep.

Wake up. Make coffee…

Sound at all familiar?

Now don’t get me wrong everyday is not like this. My life is not lived in robot mode. But sometimes I wake up in the morning, go through the motions of my routine and realize it’s Friday. Where did my week go? The most disappointing part, what could I report if someone asked me the highlight of my week was?

When I came back from Europe I found a job, thank God, and started right away. It’s been a huge blessing and have appreciated the opportunity. Sometimes when I get in the flow of a routine, I tend to forget that life does provide beauty and blessings.

The change in leaves from summer to fall. A kind stranger letting you go in front of them in line at the store. Warm smiles and hugs when visiting your grandparents. Clean sheets and pillow covers. Even if they are small things, cherish and make those lovely memories count!

There are times when the first paragraph above really describes my life. Those days might even be the hardest type of adventure because that’s when you have to practice the most discipline on staying focused and patient with the monotonous Mondays & the typical Tuesdays.

But I found that those waves in life are the best reminders of the goodness and adventure that is still true and prevalent.

Next time when you wake up and know that your day is mapped out by a rigorous job, tedious errands and unbearable obligations; remember to seize the day and take on the gifts and opportunities it gives you!

And really, you never know what surprises may come…


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