Monkey Business

It was so nice to be able to sleep in this morning! I also took my first real shower in four days today. I felt like a new woman! Jamie woke up earlier than me but she was able to relax and journal which she said was much needed. We decided to go to the local grocery supermarket to get food for the next two days of our stay in Kyoto. 
The store was FILLED with people. It was like everyone in Kyoto decided to go to that specific market all at the same time. Once we maneuvered our way out with our groceries, we went back to our house and made noodles with scallions, soy beans, olive oil, and sesame dressing. We ate that with grapes and cherries, crescents and coffee/tea. This morning was the first time I had felt actually full since Friday

It was around 11:00am when we decided to explore the Bamboo forest. The bus system was a little tricky to figure out, but way easier and cheaper to go about the city once you do. 
Arti did travel to Kyoto this morning on an overnight bus and we met up with him in the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest in Arashiyama (30 minute bus drive from where we are staying) has been probably one of the most surreal places I have ever been to. The greenery and all the temples are like you’re in a fictional story. You walk through and can’t believe it is all real and natural. Wow, God is so creative. 🙂

Artem told us about a park about a mile away called the monkey park. We all were in agreement that we wanted to see this park where monkeys completely roamed the grounds free from any gates or fences. The walk there was a mile, then to get to the actual park from the entrance was another mile…uphill. At the top of the hill there had to be at least 40 monkeys (that we could see roaming around, there were most likely tons more but hiding). Also, the view from the top of the park was priceless:

Once we were done exploring the park we headed our separate direction again, Arti going to is hostel and Jamie and I taking the bus back to our house. Comparing today with the last few days, it may not seem like we did a whole lot. But to be at a slower pace and taking out time today was our goal. Taking each minute and being completely present through the whole day and not rushing and missing the beauty of Kyoto. 
Tomorrow morning we will be venturing out more and visiting more sightseeing / touristy points of the city. 

For now… Rest… And maybe a glass of sake. 🙂


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