Carpe Diem

“So what do you do for a living? Where are you living now? Do you have your own place? Seeing anyone…you know…speccccial?”

Some days I believe if I got a quarter for every time I was asked any of these questions I could take a private jet to any country I wanted and travel the world on unlimited funds.

There was a time when I could have answered each question with a generally comfortable and socially acceptable answer. “I work in the medical field. I have my own apartment. I am living on my own; enjoy drinking margaritas and long walks on the beach…” 

It’s amazing to watch and hear people’s reaction when you don’t give the answers they are expecting. Within the past two weeks this has been my answer to those questions: 

“Well, I just ended the lease to my apartment. I quit my job and in one month will be living out of my backpack and traveling solo through Russia and Europe.”

Is it an adjustment? Absolutely.

What does someone do with a clean slate? Two words:




Carpe Diem is a latin phrase which means Seize the Day. This doesn’t mean, “well I only live once so let’s get waisted and live life crazy!” The saying means that the future is unforeseen, so take action. 

Experiencing life right now I’ve coming to realize that this phrase has a specific tug on everyone’s hearts in different ways. My Carpe Diem means something completely different from a man walking into a job interview, from a woman finding out she’s pregnant, to a kid riding his two wheel bike for the first time. 

It comes down to looking life right in the face and saying, I refuse to drive in auto pilot. 

Seizing the day doesn’t mean life is going to be confortable or predictable. I have no idea what is going to happen on my backpacking adventure. I know however that I am confident and secure in myself and in my maker to find strength to embrace Carpe Diem. 


Stay bold.

Keep dreaming. 

Seize the day!


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